Do you need to talk to someone about what is happening in your life?


Someone who will listen carefully and respectfully; who can accompany you and offer support and facilitation in finding a way through?


Someone who has long-term experience and qualification and who practices this as their life work?

Therapy can, at times, be felt as many things; difficult, emotional, joyous, insightful, hopeless and hopeful. It is aimed at not giving advice, but helping you to find your own way through life. I, as therapist act as facilitator utilising gained experience and integrative approaches including, when appropriate, psychodrama to assist the process. The strictly confidential environment allows for the expression of emotions and thoughts and over time, with the developing therapeutic relationship may provide understanding and new ways of approaching life issues. Of course, entering ‘unknown territory’ can be, for some, daunting, but by doing so may lead to ‘mapping’ out of one’s own ground and path and ways of navigating through it.

An initial meeting which might last for up to ninety minutes is the first step of the therapeutic path, to talk about what has brought you to seeking support and to establish a way ahead. Phone, email or text to make arrangements to meet, talk and explore.


Due to the current COVID-19 situation I am unable to meet in person and all contact is by secure video link or by phone.